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You have arrived to the business finance coaching program, where you will be coached and learn the business finance intelligence to make better informed decisions for your business!

What is MondayEntrepreneur?

MondayEntrepreneur is a coaching program and consulting services designed for dynamic entrepreneurs wanting to expand their business finance knowledge and experience.

It is a do it yourself program with a done for you follow up!

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Coaching and Consulting

General services for MondayEntrepreneur members:

We provide 1 to 1 and group coaching to our members. In addition, we also expand our services as consultants to help you achieve your desired business goals.


Through coaching you get to experience the support, network and accountability of a business coaching program designed to help you achieve your business goals.

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In addition, we offer our business consulting services to help achieve your business goals where we do the heavy lifting for you and you outsource certain business aspects of your business.

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Who is MondayEntrepreneur?

He or she is a business owner or entrepreneur who is dynamic, visionary and strategic in implementing business strategies to advance his or her business further.

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Are you an entrepreneur?

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Most importantly, are you reaching your personal and business potential?
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